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The Skulls slaughtered the men. They raped and murdered the women. More than half the island’s population was left dying or dead. The surviving women of Merr were eager to strike back. All they needed was a powerful leader to take them to victory. One woman, Princess Selene of Merr, took the lead without being asked and led a team of six to wipe out the first fifty Skulls and capture their ship. It gave those with revenge in their hearts the leader they sought. Selene’s military became the Maids of Merr.

That action captured the attention of a dormant force with powers it could bestow on Princess Selene to help take her to victory. She became the island’s chosen one. With the help of a goddess she and her warriors were able to become mermaids with times ten strength at will. A powerful apparition from the firefly room at the bottom of the enchanted lake provided magical uniforms for anyone who joined her. From that moment on, the Pirates of the Skull could run but they could not hide from the Maids of Merr.

When the Skulls returned to finish off the island’s people, they found a force waiting for them that was more powerful than anything they ever faced. All but one of their ships were sent to the bottom of the ocean. The one surviving ship escaped with enough of its crew to get back to their base. They did not know the Maids of Merr were following them for the purpose of wiping out their nest.

The Maids of Merr took over the ship when it arrived at its harbor. They used the cannons of the captured ship to sink six Skull ships in their docks, then let the rest chase them into open waters. Once they were in the ocean, the Maids of Merr used their Mermaid spell to wipe out the crews and send the ships to the bottom of the ocean.

The Maids of Merr discovered the destruction of the Skulls was not enough to restore peace. To put a stop to the threat of the Skulls, they had to locate their origin and chop off the heads of the underworld witchcraft that spawned them.

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