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An eBook novel written by Larry E Heck.

When inhabitants of the peaceful island of Merr were attacked and butchered by the Pirates of the Skull, a force that lay dormant for centuries was awakened.  It only needed a surviving leader of the people to launch a counter-attack to destroy the Pirates of the Skull.

The Skulls had slaughtered the men.  They raped and murdered the women.  More than half the island’s population was left dying or dead.  The surviving women of Merr were eager to strike back.   All they needed was a powerful leader to take them to victory.  One woman, Princess Selene of Merr, took the lead without being asked and led a team of six to wipe out the first fifty Skulls and capture their ship.  It gave those with revenge in their hearts the leader they sought.  Selene’s military became the Maids of Merr.

That action captured the attention of the awakened powers of the island. Princess Selene became the island’s chosen one.  A goddess bestowed powers upon her and her warriors giving them the ability to become mermaids with times ten strength at will.  The ghosts of the firefly room provided magical uniforms for anyone who joined her.  From that moment on, the Pirates of the Skull could run but they could not hide from the Maids of Merr.

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